Horse Racing In The Past – A Short History

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Horse Racing In The Past – A Short History

Horse racing has originated from the 4500 BC. At that time, prehistoric nomadic tribesmen in Central Asian are recorded to have their initial domesticated horses and horse racing has become one of the popular forms of competition. The horse and man are working together for a general goal. Horse racing had been an organized sport before people were kept records. Horse racing was a portion of main civilizations extending from Central Asian to the Mediterranean.In 638BC, Ancient Greek Olympics which were found contained both Chariot Races and Mounted Horse Racing events. This sport was also famous for the Roman Empire.

2. Horse Racing In The Present

Horse racing which is the sport for only nobility in the past is selected as American 2nd favorite and most attended watcher sport now, defeated by American baseball. So, what makes people run fast to the horse tracks and watch jockey and horse run? What attractions of horse racing that brings many fans from sports bars and local pubs, or makes the people put their wagers at their home? What attracts the people who come close to this sport?

Several consider it is an inner desire for the power, the rider’s skill, and the horse’s steal, while others think that it is one social tradition forming a decadence day in the track. However, most people agree that this legalized form of betting is the biggest tie between the horse tracks and mankind. 

In Japan, the total of Horse racing days was 288 last year and each day, during this period, there were 384,704,016 Yen (Japanese currency unit) was won. 

Some of the main forms of horse racing are Thoroughbred Horse Races, Harness Racing, Endurance Racing, Steeplechase Racing, and so on. 

In the early 1900s, horse racing was almost extinguished in the free land when the anti-betting stance spread throughout the country. Almost states in the Union forbid sports wagering amongst some other betting forms. In 1908, there were only 25 racing tracks that still remained. However, Pari-Mutuel wagering was recommended to Kentucky Derby. It began a turning point in the world of horse racing.

The racing tracks started to open once again, the state legislatures started to legalize Pari-Mutuel wagers. In the late World War I, horse racing was popular again, wagers were created, and the horses such as Man ‘O’ War became famous that further than 2000 people attended his burial. 

In the present, horse races are still alive and popular. The most well-known Pari-Mutuel races are Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing or the Triple Crown in short.

These Triple Crown competitions include 3 races and they are available only for 3-years old purebred racing horses. One horse that wins all 3 events and gets the “triple crown” will be a favored and very well-known horse. 

Actually, the Triple Crown competitions originated in England while a West Australian won a Triple Crown in 1853. Further than 1 Triple Crown races are organized every year. Commonly, there are several organized in various countries excluding Japan where 2 Triple Crown races are organized every year.

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